Photographed by my friend Carlos Ramos, with makeup by Cristina Gomes

I chose these red pieces as today , all over the world, Women dressed in red will be marching to make a difference. My favourite pieces is the clutch from Bottega and the sexy chair! 

Today marks the 2nd anniversary of the launch of The Life Juice!!! It was aptly born on Women's Day, a day to celebrate all that we are about! And what is it that makes us unique and special ? 

What does it mean to me, being a Woman today, March 2017?

I grew up with a working Mom, albeit part-time, so she was always there when I came home from school. I suppose her support and love always made me feel protected and safe, her wise words that came from her ginormous heart, ( which unfortunately I did not listen to often enough!!!), are still reverberating in my ears, and her unfailing generosity, have set an example for me.

Today being a Woman in our society, means having so many options, and not obligations; children, marriage, a career, are all privileges, the sum of it being personal liberty.  Unfortunately there is also so much pressure, placed by society and ourselves, on being the perfect mother/partner/wife/career woman/ perfect housewife/step mom/carer/lover/cook/party planner et cetera, and then the measure of how successful you are in all these roles. You can also add, how happy and lucky you are, how you look, what you weigh, how fun and exciting you are,  ( no moaning ever!!)  and it's all too much to excel in. In the end, something's gotta give as we stretch ourselves too thin and don't care of us, first and foremost. Be aware of what you can and cannot do, take charge when you can, learn to step back when someone else offers to do it for you, and appreciate each day as a gift of freedom, to be you, an unique human, full of wonderful energy. 

People often mistake kindness and soft words for weakness, but it is exactly the opposite. More often than not, it is the weaker of our sex that is harsh, aggressive and envious. We Women should stick together more, pull each up, stretch out out your helping hand... So today, make a conscious effort to get out there and share your wisdom, your experiences, your tips, all in a positive way. Be a mentor, a facilitator, a generous soul, because sometimes even the littlest conversation can resound for someone else.

Enjoy today and everyday,