Photograph by Austin Neill

Today is the first day of spring, but here in Lisbon, after a few days that felt like summer, it feels like the first day of Autumn! But never mind, I'll dress in something more colourful and boho to celebrate the change of season, too soon for flowers.  Even if I risk looking like an exotic shepherdess! 

I absolutely love the Etro collection, it's one of my favourites every season, and you can find it at Canellea bastion of good taste on the Estoril coast. 

Some of my favorite pieces :

An Etro tote for summer, at Canelle

Gorgeous crazy pants, to dress down with flat or up with simple black sandals and a white T-shirt. Etro at Canelle.

Adding some nature lover earrings from Carolina Curado at 21pr Concept Store. 

And if you want to Springify your home too, how about some fabulous ethnic pillows to throw about from Les Ottomans. Founded by the Italian, Bertrando di Renzo, these luxurious pillows are inspired by Turkey and come in array of fabrics, from silks, Ikat or velvet. 

Available at 21pr Concept Store. 

So get ready for the warm weather,





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