Speak your mind without saying a word, in the new slogan T-shirts. Reminiscent of the the 80's and 90's, when slogan tees and leggings were all the rage!!

Katharine Hamnet and Margaret Thatcher, protesting slogan tee. 

Maria Grazia Chiuri brought out THE T-shirt for the summer for Dior. 

The ubiquitous band T-shirt, that I love. At my age I definitively mix it up with more classic pieces so as not to look like a band groupie!   

The one on the left is from Brandy Melville, 30 euros and on the right, from Madeworn at Net-A-Porter, 185 euros. Exactly the same except for a slight colour difference, and the Rolling Stones name on the edge, just pick the one you're more comfortable paying for! 

Ramones Tee from Zara, 7,95 euros.

From Givenchy at Fashion Clinic, 290 euros

From Gucci, at Fashion Clinic, 980 euros.

So pick your words wisely, and wear them proud,