Wallpaper, as different as they come...

I absolutely love wallpaper and think it jazzes up any room to no end! Somehow, a well chosen wallpaper gives a feeling of completeness to a room, a sense of style that is either complementary to the structure and furnishings, or the main feature. I've got three different wallpaperedrooms in my house , and to be honest, I thought I'd get tired of them, but not in the least! The plain walls bring me more visual fatigue! And I'd love to have more pattern around the house. 

This is my bathroom/toilet wallpaper, New York city and I love it!

This was a crazy idea for my tiny, tiny guest bathroom and it works. It looks like a jewel box! 

My wallpapered bedroom wall, calm, Asian, zen inspired, to induce sleep. We did not use a decorator, just went with what we loved...

3 Tips on Wallpaper

  • Always take as much time as you can to decide on the perfect one. For this, try to get small pieces of the pattern you want and place over various areas of said room, see it in different lighting, daylight and electrical, because it'll differ quite a lot. 
  • Don't forget, it'll be all over the area you want to cover, not just on a little square. Can you stand it? Will you be able to live with it everyday?
  • DO get a professional to place it, as it gets really difficult to apply. Glue + ladder + paper = disaster. If you have a pattern that's matching, that's especially important. 

From Surface View

I discovered this amazing site for wallpaper, murals, maps you name it, called Surface ViewIt's really fantastic if you're into this kind of thing, as you can get an image from your favorite museum, old prints, paintings, modernist drawings, flowers, plants, animasl, you name it, they've got it. Worth exploring for anything you'd like on your wall. 

From Lonny magazine

One of my favourite wallpapers of all time, from Lonny magazine

Check out these gorgeous wallpaper for the bath right here, at ELLE Decor.

Hope I've inspired you, check your nearest AKI or Leroy Merlin, they also have great choices.

Have a colourful week,