The new Intropia Atelier bride. 

Are you planning your wedding anytime soon? Or going to one? It's wedding season soon, especially for the 1st timers!! ( sorry for the reality check). I went to a really casual (chic) 2nd wedding, (for him) on Sunday night. Yep, on a Sunday evening, from 5pm till 11pm! Sounds weird at first, but it made perfect sense, as all the friends got to go, dance, celebrate, drink and be merry and get to work Monday morning without the aftermath of an earthquake in their heads! There was a lunch for the family the day before, so everybody's happy. The bride looked lovely in a Princess Leia hairstyle and a beautiful cream Grecian cut gown.

It made me think of a new approach to wedding dresses. Maybe you know someone that's starting the process of buying/having a wedding dress made, or maybe it's for you, but either way, the cost is always quite high for a once-upon-a-time dress! These days, women are getting less attached to the "gown" per se and would rather splurge on the party or the honeymoon and it makes perfect sense as there are many more affordable dresses available. Have a look at my suggestions...

From Intropia, the new bridal collection is romantic and beautiful, and affordable...

From Uterque, Zaras more sophisticated big sister, I found some perfect bridal dresses...

Modern Grecian
Soft Romantic

At The Outnet, the chicest selection of designer dresses you could find at outlet prices...

Fendi gown, for the modern minimalist.

Marchesa Notte, a true classic gown, although I'd definitely lose the belt!  

A very 70's Halston type dress, sexy and elegant from ISSA.

Another Marchesa Notte, blush pink for a young bride and I'd remove the middle strap or the side one, and not keep both.

This is a fresh look, maybe for an elegant graden wedding, from GraceMMXIII. 

From Rochas, this is such a charming take on a 50's dress, and would be perfect with platforms or kitten heels. 

I love anything to do with weddings, especially dressing the bride, the moms, sisters, aunts and friends and as it is such an important day for everyone, it is imperative to give some real thought to your look, and not necessarily break the bank!

                                                                                                         Photograph form Intropia Atelier. 

Send me your wedding questions, and stay tuned for what to wear if you're a guest,





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