My desk, on a beautiful day, the sun shining on my baby girl. 

I guess as our children grow up, if it's a peaceful process, it's enjoyable and fun. As my girl turns into a truculent, sarcastic teen, I find that I miss that sweet little Princess that used to write me the most darling little notes. There are fun moments, but mostly it's a clash of female hormones, across an enormous sea that's difficult to navigate. Since there is no  rule book for each specific child, I guess it's trial and error all the way, and hopefully, later on, all will be well. I do believe that it takes a village to raise a child, so the more loving, wholesome, caring people you let into your lives, the greater the growth.

I actually miss buying these kind of things, super cute and cuddly, instead of leather jackets and skinny jeans! But it's life's natural evolution. 

Love Isabel