London Fashion Week  2017                                                               Photographer: Sandra Semburg

If there is a really quick and fun way to update your look this season, it's with a pair of earrings! To be exact, more like one earring. So that you don't get weird looks or comments to likes of " Hey, you've lost an earring! or Hey, you forgot to put on the other earring! ", make sure you combine your larger adornment with a smaller one, so the two sides are balanced. Have a glance at what's out there, and wear with aplomb this remnant from the 80's vibe that's going around like a bad virus. I don't like X-tra large shoulders, or too much coloured make up, so this is a flash from the past that I'll be taking onboard. 


                                                                                                           Photographer: Sandra Semburg

Marni at Net-a-Porter

                                                                                                             Photographer: Sandra Semburg

Valentino at Net-a-Porter

Jennifer Fisher at Net-a-Porter

Loewe at Net-a-Porter

So it's this easy to get with it, slip on an earring, make a bold choice!

Have a calm afternoon,