Emmanuelle in her signature style. 

Maybe you remember this post about Mom jeans, , just to let you know, I've not changed my mind! I'm sick of skinny jeans but find that most shops like Zara and company do not offer many options, or if they do, there are just too many holes, tears and destruction in general. You really have to go high end or to Levi's for a better selection. But this post is actually about the Baxter jean from TopShop. Worn by the Editor-in-Chief of French Vogue, Emmanuelle Alt, a self confessed jean junkie, and a fan of high and low dressing, she admits that these are one of her favourite jeans. You'd think that such an influential fashion person would only wear brands, but there you go, you never know! 

I also came across this video of Emmanuelle, her staff, and top models Anya Rubik and Karmen Kass, in 2012, doing a cute version of Wake me Up by Wham, all wearing white Baxters!  So poignant now that George Michael has died, and that slogan tees are coming back in a big way...How cool is she??? 

This is one of my absolute favourite interviews that Garance Doré did on her blog, and it's with Emmanuelle Alt. Her advice is precious, her view on fashion and style is intersting and diferent to what you would think.

Watch it!!! 

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