S/S '17 Diesel denim collection.

Diesel's latest campaign video, for Spring/Summer '17, aptly entitled " MAKE LOVE NOT WALLS " is a riot of colour, crazy characters, ending with a rainbow tank!  Shot by legendary photographer David LaChapelle,  it reminds us to unite instead of separating, and to break down the 'walls' that separate us physically and mentally, and let love prevail. This at a time where hate and prejudice are coming to the forefront in many countries and cultures. The creative director, Nicola Formichetti, responsible for creating some of Lady Gaga's most famous/ shocking  looks, works his magic again. 

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And a little more looove...

Love the poem, from  my childhood!

" Roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet and so are you! " 

The lovely people at Fashion Clinic sent me this gorgeous, sweet smelling multi purpose spray from Diptyque, one of my favourite brands for candles and scents, as you can see from my pencil holder. This is a limited edition in collaboration with Antoinette Poisson, the veritable French wallpaper company. Check out their site, it's amazing. I love wall paper and this company recreates beautiful historic prints! Following traditional 18th century techniques, Antoinette Poisson’s domino paper is printed and painted by hand, on a french handmade laid rag paper.The inspiration for the pattern came from the main ingredient in the composition, the Rosa Mundi. What a great Valentine's Day gift, so thank you!! I'll be spraying it around my office and on myself with a vengeance! 

Matches the colours of my workspace...

Matches the colours of my workspace...

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