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As I'm sure you've noticed, I'm a huge fan of jewellery. So, a while ago, I joined up with my good friend Magda, click here for a profile on her, and together we came up with a collection we both love and hope you will too! At IZMA, the name of our brand, we're rather romantic creatures and we wanted to manifest this passion in pieces that express this vision. Our first collection is called #giveyourSMSabreak, send a love letter instead. Who doesn't appreciate a love letter? How long has it been since you got one? Maybe never... So let someone know how much you care, girlfriend, boyfriend, just friend, daughter, granddaughter, niece or even send yourself one, by choosing either a gold-plated diamond encrusted envelope or a postcard that says " I Love You ". Hang this special endearment on our fine handcrafted gold chain and wear the love! Also available in silver.

These pieces are meant to be worn everyday, whether layered up with others or on their own. You can place it on 3 different lengths to suit your neckline.

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