This piece from Verdura has been a favorite of mine forever. It's on the cover of my favourite jewellery book, all about Verdura. 

The heading is not a negative one, I mean ' bloody ' as one would complain about it, lightly, but also harks back to the time of the real St. Valentine that was supposedly beheaded for marrying Christians in Rome, so indeed it was a ' bloody ' Valentine! Back to the present extremely commercial celebration of love; does it turn your stomach, do you ache for twelve dozen red roses and a romantic dinner or as a singleton, do have an anti- Valentine's get together?

Cartier gold and diamond brooch. 

I have to admit that I've always been a sucker for February the 14th while growing up in a Anglo-Saxon country. It was a day to celebrate and make money from the other students to raise money for the annual ball! And I loved getting the tacky cards and teddy bears, they were a right of passage for any teenager! As a grown up, ( don't know exactly when that is/was...), I've still enjoyed celebrating this day, if only, when you're in a long term relationship, the romance isn't a permanent feature and has to be rekindled. 

Tiffany blue and green enamel heart. 

So just take this day to be creative with your loved one, try something cooked, written, sang even danced by you is worth its weight in gold. Even if it's just for a laugh, it's a shared memory. A couple of years ago, on instagram, I did a video for my partner, music and all, and enjoyed it so much! 

So if you do honour this date, tell it like it is from the heart, all day long. And enjoy it, without the radio, t.v., shopping mall pressure, just for what it is, a heartfelt day. 

I leave you with some of my favorite heart pieces of jewellery, all antique, as you know I love them, from 1st dibs, one of my most treasured sites for antique overdosing on unique pieces.  

Antique gold bracelet, "I give you the key to my heart".

Antique emrald and diamond pendant. 

This is my favourite, four leaved clover=luck + four lockets + four precious stones = LOOOVE!

And last but not least, emerald diamond earring set in platinum, in my gem of a colour, green. 

Feel the love, 



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