Wear with your hair back for maximum impact, 21 euros.

We're almost at the end of Sale Season, but it's still a great time to grab those opportunities, as the discounts are lower. Pick seasonal classics, that you'll wear over and over, pieces that you can wear through to Spring. 

At Bimba & Lola

Perfect parka, 90 euros.

The feminine sweater, wear at night for a different impact, 73 euros

The fun boot, with a very practical heel 164 euros.

This is the dress you can wear to work, sensible shoes and all, then pair with high heel leopard sandals, and you're off to a date. Also works in summer with a pair of sandals. 43 euros.

From Zara

This coat I bought and I'm loving it. 39.99 euros.

This bomber will keep you looking cool till Spring, 19.99 euros.


Metallic dress, that will look great with a tan, 68 euros.

Very versatile top, day to day or special occasions, 45 euros.

Contemporary turtleneck, light, perfect for layering. Try it under a dress, 35 euros.

Buy wisely, think of how many times you can wear something before you consider it a bargain.

Here's to Monday,