Dress: IMauve Photography: Rui Oliveira

Saturday was the Women's March in cities all over the world. I've been feeling so guilty that I didn't realise that in Lisbon there would be a march too! And I so wish I'd organised myself, my daughter and friends to go! We women need to stick together, to nurture, to support, to mentor, to lead, to inspire, to create, with our children, boys and girls, families, loved ones, coworkers, even strangers sometimes. To bring back hope and empathy, to fight bullies, yes, even the most powerful man on earth is one! ( so much for confidence!!) and to unite instead of disuniting.

Pink, in all its hues, from baby pink, to cyclamen, framboise, to cherry, is the color of this Spring/ Summer '17.

 How apt then, that these extremely feminine tones, this year take on a feminist role, in ensuring we do not lose one of our most important assets, that which makes us different, our FEMINITY. 

Luxurious exploding pinks from Louis Vuitton.

Raspberry coloured leather covered picture frame from Louis Vuitton. 

Life through rose tinted glasses looks better, all from the Louis Vuitton new Gifts Collection. 

Think pink!



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