Just had them for lunch, grilled! These perfectly formed biological mushrooms, were grown from a log in my bathroom!! Yes, you read right, in my shower to be precise. It was a magical Christmas gift given to me by my friends Julie and Miguel, that grows real life shitake before your eyes. Just immerse the log in water for 24 hours, place in a warm, damp place and watch them grow. In just 2 weeks, this is what I "harvested", ( love to say this word )!!!

The log, lots of steam and warmth = mushrooms.

This great idea comes from a Portuguese company called MUSHI, check them out here. I feel that I'd like have more of these logs perhaps outside, or in the kitchen, and have mushrooms whenever I want. It's one of my absolute favourite foods, in a soup, grilled, in pasta, risottos, with scrambled eggs for breakfast, any time! 

Support the locals that are doing innovative stuff,