From 1957 Romy Schneider to Eva Chen in 2015

I've loved the two-tone slingback forever. Seeing photographs of my Mom wearing them in the 50's and 60's, I've always loved this classic combination. I have a gorgeous pair from the 90's that I still wear, actually to the opening  of the CHANEL shop-in-shop at STIVALI store in Lisbon last year. How cool is it now, worn with everything from tweeds to jeans, this THE shoe to own!!!

Have a look at how these beauties are lovingly made. 

My perfect dancing shoes, as old as the hills but I love them to bits!! Still perfect!

Have a Chanel day,



p.s. CHANEL is available at the Stivali store in Lisbon, one of the few multibrand stores in the world that carry Chanel.