A couple of years ago, on my birthday, as I tried to maneuver my TRX with the help of personal trainer and photographer @scorredoura !                                                                                                                Peeking in the back is the gym's name, so you know who you are. 

Exercise has always been a huge part of my life, and as a teenager, to supplement my swimming training, I used to hit the gym most winter mornings. Now I still go to my local gym regularly, at least 3 times a week, sometimes more and I'm still surprised by people's actions and attitudes in gyms today.

Today was just another day, but when the same things happen 100 times over, one does wonder Why are people like this?!?

  •  The Careless Chaotic Gym Goer. You get to your locker, ( I hardly shower there but today was different), and in front of it sits someone too preoccupied with leisurely drying her toes to raise her head, and acknowledge you. To make matters worse, her " stuff " , all 4 bags, 3 towels and various assortment of open toiletries span the entire length of the whole bench. I clear my throat, and SMILINGLY, say " I've got the locker behind you, " to which the answer is a scuttle, a scurry, a scamper, without ever looking up and never saying, " Sure, sorry, hi " or anything???


  • Then there's the Gym Mermaid, that comes from her aqua gymnastics class, or just your simple shower, without a TOWEL ever caressing her body, thus pooling water in the corridors, all the way to the benches, and guaranteeing that I'll wet my socked feet when changing!


  • The Aspiring Nudist. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not a prude nor am I advocating a sheet-like tent when you're changing, neither does the naked female body shock me in the least. BUT I draw the line when somebody is as bare as she came into the world, with her leg perched up on a chair, her womanhood for all to inspect as if she were at the gynecologist, casually talking about the attributes of soy protein and rubbing her hair! ( No bias against health nuts at all, I assure you).              Please, spare those of us that didn't go to medical school! 


  • Do you remember when the antennas didn't work in gym's? Yes, Wow, Yes, probably during black and white TV for some of you. It was a more non irritant time, just workout, sweat, perhaps chat up somebody, or to someone, but not shout your whole days work schedule, or yesterdays drama, or your kids trials and tribulations, for the entire 45 minutes you're plodding on the treadmill up 658 flights of stairs!!! That's the Mobile Phone Junkie and secretly, also a bit of LOOK AT ME! kind of attitude.


  • The Hulk Hoganettes of the class. Why drop your weights like a baboon with margarine on his hands? Please, listen to the teacher today, as she pleaded for you to gently lower your burning thighs and bit by bit, slowly, quietly, steadily, place your weights on the wooden floor. Is it so hard? Or do you have to show us all how tough you are? 


  • This last category is more common with men than women, the shouting match, match being the operative word, that goes on between the personal trainer and his client about football matches, results, players, trainers, supporters, awards, anything footie ! Why in a 120 decibel range? That's scientifically called Discomfort, above a chainsaw and below pain. ( I obviously do not use earphones). This is the Debating Duo. Go to café and let it out, not here!

Do you sometimes run into any of these types? Do they ***s you off too? The only thing you can do is not do them yourself, roll your eyes and get fit, get on with it!