Early cowgirls, love their style.

The other day, whilst talking to a friend about style and fashion, and influences, I realised how much about Western/ cowboy/Red Indian style I love. Let's start with the Victorian frilly blouses, preferably in white, but also in prints, worn with woollen skirts, then pack on a leather and turquoise concho belt and you're done. The Navajo print, such a classic, and timeless, and really easy to wear with everything in your closet. Fringed suede, paired with anything, from an evening dress to jeans, always a safe option. The long duster coat, more like a relaxed trench, the men's trimmed shirt, so cool!

The only Western piece that I really cannot abide, (but have tried to like!), are cowboy boots! They just look awful on me, and I don't walk right in them. I fell head over heels for an exquisite pair in Ibiza, that was probably my worst buy ever!!! But give me a pair of beaded moccasins, and I'm a happy camper.

This season, Ralph Lauren has for the first time ever, given us the possibility to get what you want straight off the runway, no waiting around for 6 months! So get inspired for this season and jazz up your look. 

All images from vogue.com, timeless!

This Fall/Winter '16, Ralph Lauren showed a runway collection filled with western influences as is his style, and I'm in love. I would never wear the matching bag/ shoes but yes to a slinky heel. 

The hair, the jewellery, so gorgeous.

The Marlboro Man's shearling jacket, it's all connected.

Masculine tailoring with extraordinary silver accessories that cinch the deal. 

From Russian Vogue

French Vogue 

The Chanel Pre-Fall 2014 collection in Dallas. 

Enough inspiration?

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