I've missed talking and sharing my " stuff " with you guys, but I really needed some time to decompress and I had a marvellous holiday here in Portugal. We were so blessed with the weather, no wind, warmish sea, so it was perfect. I'm back with more tips and advice on anything and everything you might want to know about. New interviews, recent projects, fashion trends or classics, fresh recipes and loads more. 

Love Paris, summer, winter or fall. 

In case you're heading out to Paris in the coming weeks, check out this Alternative Guide to Paris, to get off the beaten track and discover some more Paris secrets.

Looks delicious, and if it's healthy I can eat more of them, right?

This looks and sounds, (vegan and gluten free), amazing, and when I make it, I'll be sure to let you know. But if you try it out before me, please let me know! Mint Slice from the Wholesome Patisserie

See you soon,