This is what I mean by " showing " your bra...

I've been thinking about this post for a while now as I wonder where most of us fit in. Do think you fall into the American or French way of wearing a bra? Let me explain better, do you feel comfortable in letting your bra show, ( and I don't mean straps), or do always make sure it's invisible? For instance, do you own only black or nude bras, that's definitively american or as the French women do, would you wear a black or white lace bra under a white shirt? I love the latter, although sometimes I lack the courage to pull it off, I think it's super sensual. I have a gorgeous white silk shirt, closed neckline, long sleeved, and the back is a huge slit from the neck down, and I wear a lacy, black, T-strap bra so it's very visible. It really looks awful with an undercover piece of underwear! The other day, a Spanish friend of mine, having just come from Paris, told me that NOT wearing a bra was all the rage! Now that's attractive if you've got small boobs otherwise, don't go there! How about a white bra? Lacy? Do you even own one? Why not, isn't it much more alluring than a horrible beige sausage over your boobs? Give it a try, be daring!

The great Carine Roitfeld.

When you think you don't know how to wear this white top, here's an idea. 

See the black bra underneath? Not so bad huh?

Jane Birkin in the 60's, and although I've seen Kate Moss rock this look, you be careful!

Have a great day,