I've been using the Pomone brand religiously for the last month  and I'm loving it!

The common saying says that " An apple a day keeps the doctor away" and now it's been discovered that apples can keep the wrinkles away too! Through the ages, apple have been used in pomades and lotions, for healing wounds, " pom-ade" meaning aiding with pommes, french for apples. So it's no surprise, that a native from Normandy in France, where a lot of apples are grown, would create a niche skincare line from the bountiful apples in the Pay's d'Auge.

Pomone, a french independant cosmetics company, created by Florence Sellin, a chemical engineer, and a beauty specialist, ( having worked for over 20 years in the business with giants like L'Oreal), unites science and nature. All the goodness taken from the ordinary apple and not a exotic fruit from a faraway land. She uses the polyphenols, (I learnt that there are more of them in apples than grapes), sirtuins, (enzymes that are the "proteins of longevity"), apple seed oil and the vegetable water present in apples to create a refined line of beauty products.

The humble apple.

I was enjoying it, don't mind my serious face!

I had the pleasure of meeting Florence, and have her  actually massage my face with her mask, then rinsing off and applying the Serum, then the Day & Night Cream, and lastly the Eye Serum. Florence will soon bring out an Anti- Dark Spot cream as well as a Cleansing Water, so stay tuned.

The new Spray Mist!!

For now, in Portugal, Pomone is exclusively available at the Beauty Bar at the Chiado Factory in Lisbon.