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 Last week, I fell in love. A serious crush, my heart beat faster when I "discovered "  Toino Abel handbags. I've been carrying a baskets around for a while but these were THE summer bag that I was looking for. For me, handmade, bespoke articles, are the future of exclusivity, and it doesn't apply only to luxury brands. 

Made out of reeds found on the floodplains in Portugal, the entire process is handmade. From the vegetable dyed leather, done the ancient sustainable way, to the actual picking and weaving, it's all done by experienced hands that carry on the expertise and customs of ancient times. These baskets were originally made to carry food and other necessities out into the countryside or whilst travelling. They've been modernised by Nuno, who majored in Fine Arts in Lisbon, spent some time living in Berlin,Germany but came back, in 2010, to his grandfather's village, Cos, to restyle and refresh the basket weaving in this area. 


It was the village where he grew up, and had always watched, marvelled, the making of these baskets, so he didn't want to let this craft die off. Thankfully, as I love handmade pieces with a story and a heritage. 

Nuno at work

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