Yellow accents at home.

I'm not a huge fan of colour in my house, perhaps because of all my years in fashion, dealing with textures and different shades all day made me always opt for a neutral home. But lately I find myself craving a bit of colour around me, especially at the table! Since I've got a lot of lemons, I naturally use these in bowls around the house and the yellow really brightens up things, especially these dark rainy days! On one of my favourite blogs, Desire to Inspire, they take yellow to another extreme but it makes sense especially in countries that have less sunlight than we do.  I first discovered this blog when I was renovating our house a couple of years ago, as it it full of amazing projects, big and small, to encourage you to make some changes. It's a pot of gold of ideas and inspiration.

p.s. I just want you to know, for those that might not know, when there is a bit of the text in blue, especially if it's a name,  click on it, and it'll take you directly to the website of the name in question. 

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