The Fleurs d'Ombre collection.

Doesn't everyone like to smell good? I love to smell swirls of my own perfume during the day, as the oils from my skin release the scent. True, I also like to have an unique perfume, not one that's run of mill, that you smell in every shopping centre, I'm partial to more of a niche aura that pleasures me first! Do you change your scent from winter into summer? I normally do just because I tend to favour really dense, complex and powdery fragrances and in the warmer months, especially during the day, I feel fresher with a lighter bouquet. I've just been introduced to Jean-Charles Brosseau the perfume collection. The fashion house was created in 1955 and later it expanded into perfumery. 

Hats created by the designer in the 60's under his own label.

I so wish you could smell these scents through the screen, the perfumes and the eau de toilettes. So incredible, the aromas! My favourites are the Jasmin Lilas, speaks for itself, and the Ombre Rubis, a floriental, woody odour, both so unique and special The Ombre Rose, created in 1981, has become a classic. They come in these exquisite Art-Deco bottles, in breezy pastel shades for the "eau's" and in black, gold, silver and carmine, for the perfumes.  

The glossy perfume bottles. 

For now, exclusively, they are available at the concept store, Chiado Factory in Lisbon.