More is more, I love the excess of the Maharajah of Patiala wearing Cartier, Kate Moss and Elizabeth Taylor wearing part of her fabulous collection of jewellery. 

I have to admit that jewelry is one of my passions, after food and beauty and definitively before fashion. Especially now when you can basically dress down most of the time, put on some bling and you're set to go. As with everything, editing is of the essence, and while some really stylish people can get away with wearing everything and then some, most of us look good with a few essential key pieces that one can rotate. These are just the basics, but of course by all means fill your jewellery box with lots more pieces. 

  1. Fine necklace, perfect for everyday, wear with everything, from jeans to a black bustier, just adds a touch of embellishment. 
  2. Cocktail ring, an absolute classic, when you have a perfect manicure and dress minimalistic, this is the stand out accessory. It has to be large, it's the whole point!
  3. Statement earrings, the ideal companion to a simple outfit. No time to get dressed up? Pull your hair back, add a dash of red lipstick, add your earrings and you look like you're going somewhere, even in a T-shirt and jeans. 
  4. Hoop earrings, an eternal classic, never go out of style, look at chic Sade. Look for a more unusual pair like these to spice things up.
  5. Cuff bracelet, another statement piece that carries a lot of oomph! Recently I noticed that women are wearing tiny, teeny, thin bracelets. Now it looks ok it your wear a lot of them, if not, it's just plain tacky and it seems as if you have an elastic around your wrist!
  6. Man's watch, timeless, beautiful, and has the added bonus of making our wrists look thinner and more elegant. 
  7. Thin bracelet, this is dainty but it's got structure, it looks great for work, and gives your outfit a personal touch. 

Invest wisely, they'll last a lifetime and keep it personal, as jewellery often tells the stories of our lives.