Revamped into something new...

For ages I've collected seashells on beaches all over, and I keep them in jars, tins, vases, boxes, more jars, you get the picture! I use them to decorate tables in the summer, or place them in bowls around the house and I've always got a D.I.Y. project in mind, imaginary of course, that will make good use of my shells.

Finally, this last rainy weekend, I got a glue gun, and for several hours, transformed an old mirror into a new one. Hands were full of glue, so I recommend having some wipes nearby. There's a lot of detail, shells on top of each other, tiny little cowries that appear beside a bigger pieces and I'm not sure where I'm going to put it, but I just love it! 

This is all you need, and a lot of patience.

This is all you need, and a lot of patience.

Details that remind me of sunnier days

Enjoy your day,