My own copies, from 1985 and 2002, autographed. 

I was really excited when The Life Juice was asked to co-host the private view of Steve McCurry's exhibition at the Barbado Gallery in Lisbon. Steve is an editorial photographer, one of the greats, that is best known for his portrait of the Afghan Girl, that appeared on the 1985 June issue of National Geographic. The haunted, fearful, emerald green eyes of the 12 year-old refugee, impacted me as a young girl, and I never forgot this image. How lucky am I then I to meet this legend and have lunch with him!! It was fun and engaging, and a pleasure to introduce him to the culinary delight's of our city through the mastery of André Magalhães, the tavern owner at Taberna da Rua das Flores.

Steve McCurry at the Taberna da Rua das Flores.

The Barbado Gallery is exhibiting INDIA from the 9th of April until the 9th of June. Truly a colour feast for your eyes, through Steve's lens, his perspective of India, and its people. An unmissable selection of photographs. 

This one is my favourite images, the colours, the different positioning of the men, the graceful hands, the knowing aristocratic look, in an altogether inelegant position!

Me and my guru...

André Magalhães, Steve McCurry, me, João Barbado, Fernando Freire.