This is what being a Mother means to me; Protective, Caring and Nurturing, Mentor, and above all Strong.

Tomorrow is Mother's Day, (an idea that should actually be celebrated everyday, at least being grateful for our mothers), and this year here in Portugal it falls on May the 1st, International Worker's Day! How apt, isn't it, that it should a shared holiday with none other than the "labourers" which is really what mothers do, labour. Starting with labour in childbirth, it's a never ending labour of love throughout our lives. 

My Mother and I, a long time ago!

I'm so fortunate to have the most incredible Mother in the Universe, really and truly, and sometimes I'm not the most amazing daughter in the world, and she still loves and supports me! How wonderful is that?!? But that's a Mother's love for you, no limits, unconditional, never wavering with time, just stronger, always by my side every step of the way. Sure, sometimes I've run ahead, and often I've lagged behind, but undoubtedly she's there for me when the time comes. More often than not, unfortunately, I don't realise how awesome she is, until I hear and feel, from friends, their sadness at not having a loving, caring and supportive Mother. Regretably, there are a many (m) others like that around us, throwing unloved children that grow into adults, out into the world, not ready to fend for themselves emotionally, having themselves to figure things out on life's somewhat painful path.


Again, if you read my Father's day post here, I'm not going to suggest gifts such as perfumes, spa days, chocolates, flowers, jewellery, and other delightful things. I'm sure you've got that covered, and it's great to show a token of appreciation. When I was a kid at school, I made some weird and hideous pottery bowls, plates, ashtray's, most often a yucky creamy brown colour, (you couldn't tell anyway what it was), that were "ooohd" and "aaaahd" over as if they were a Ming vase. (True, I've done the same in the past, now that I'm a Mom, super necessary I think, keeps the kid's creativity going...) Later, as I a teen, I evolved into making voucher's, that were redeemable for a year, for a manicure, a massage with Johnson's Baby oil, or for tea+scones+classical music in the garden, then later onto gifts I made myself, no more pottery involved!

Almost there, 12 years ago, pregnant with my baby girl, always with my dog loves.

I've been a Mother for almost 13 years, a step Mother for 9, and since I didn't get the Parenting for Dummies guide book at birth, it's been a lot of hit and miss, though hopefully, in the long run, more hits than misses. I love being a Mother and a step Mom very much, however challenging some days are, but it's a difficult job, to which there is no " I'm finished here!". You've got to let them go, find their own way but have their back, almost ghost-like, forever!

So have a wonderful, warm Mother's Day, to all the wonderful step Moms out there doing a brilliant and often unrewarded task, you get double points. Disney messed it up real bad for us step Mothers with Cinderella, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty, and I think they were just unlucky as their dad's made bad choices!! I think the name should be changed to Bonus Mother!!



My darling daughter and I, hand in hand.