Perfect pairing...

I've been in love with the COS aesthetic for a couple of years now, since I walked into their store in Milan. It suddenly felt all modern and contemporary but easy to wear and every piece fits seamlessly into your exisiting wardrobe. Simple, practical pieces, that I dress up or down, as often as I want! Scandinavian discerning design comes through in the brand's clean, crisp and innovative designs and colours, and whilst walking through a COS store, the decor fits in peferfectly and complements the products. You notice it because it makes sense, it's not just to place the products, as the couches and chairs, tables and lighting, also have a Nordic feel. So it's no surprise thar COS has teamed up with HAY, their long time ally responsible for the lifestyle corners in the COS shops, to bring about a collaboration between the two brands. Now a design collection for you to place in your own home is available on COS X HAY, full of Scandi pieces, so easy to place in your home or office environment. 

Scandinavian design and colours. 

Simple, clean pieces.