Here are a few reasons why you should be tuned in to the Spring/Summer 16 collection from Christophe Sauvat:

  1. It feminine, sensual, colourful and really easy to wear.
  2. It's forgiving! Nothing too body-con, or too tight, just breezy, relaxed pieces that let you eat that extra piece of bread!
  3. The first men's collection is gorgeous, like a mannish version of the girl's stuff, in whites and shades of blue, that you can (always) sometimes steal for yourself! 
  4. When dressed in Christophe Sauvat, you feel like a world gypsy, ever cool in boho-chicness, even if your travelling time is limited...

Embroidered jackets that fit seamlessly into your closet...

If you're like me, and love the beach, the sea, sand and sun, these pieces are full of small, intricate details, like mirrors, that are perfect for the summer when you do not want to seem to be trying too hard!

The bags and sandals are gorgeous, decorative on their own.

Which one?

So if you are, or aim to be a world traveller, this is for you.