Superfather?!? All the time!!

I guess I picked Homer Simpson as the image of the (im)perfect father rather than some fictitious character! This is the father that makes an extraordinary amount of mistakes, stupid comments, leaves poor Marge to solve the problems, does ludicrous things at work, leads his children into brainless situations, but in the end, loves his kids and family above all, and tries every time to do his best. It's an extreme version, that's why he's a cartoon, but probably closer to real life than we think.

 Tomorrow is Father's Day here in Portugal and for the last week or so I keep seeing gift suggestions everywhere as to what to give the special man in your life. I'm not going to give you more ties, perfume, socks or book ideas to buy, I say give him your TIME!

Time is luxury for our fathers, and for us too, at the speed with which we move on with our lives, so spend a little Time together. Have tea and cake, cheese and wine, beer and cashews, whatever, as long as you slow down and show some interest in somebody that held your little finger when you took that first step. Find out out something only he remembers about his youth, or about yours, how he feels about what's going on is his life. Give up your Time to someone that gave you theirs when you most needed it, costs nothing, but very few of us do, and the rewards are greater than you think!!

Have a productive Friday,


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