Charles Loh

Gucci is on a rollercoaster ride with it's new creative director Alessandro Michele. From mixing patterns to varied fabric textures, to male/ female gender switching, to the reworking of the brands old codes, incorporating a "new" vintage look, it's a riot of novelty and eclecticism. It's no coincidence that Gucci commissioned several Asian artists to interpret their vision of the fashion house's latest patterns, the new Gucci Tian.These designs and style go back to the 10th century and are called a Tian which means Heaven in Chinese. They're composed of birds and flowers, hummingbirds and butterflies, finely drawn, floating over a flowering scenario, then superimposed on the GG Supreme pattern. 

In this way these patterns and designs flow back to their origin, illustrating the West's fascination with the East, myself included, and the use of Chinoiserie in the 18th century in people's homes. 

All the works by the various artists are published on Instagram #GucciGram, the ones below are just my favourites. 



Guye Revise

Kelbin Lei

Red Hong Yi


Ton Mak

Yile Yang

 Chinoiserie at home.

I happen to love these whimsical wallpapers, as I find they give a lot of colour and life to a room without being overpowering, and you can pick up on the very many nuances of colours to accessorize the room.

Temple Newsam design.

De Gournay wallpaper

De Gournay wallpaper

Couldn't resist putting some old photographs of my first trip to China with my Grandmother in 1981!! 

I'm the really tall one the left, on the Great Wall of China and my Grandmother must be taking the photograph.

School girls dancing.

Me, below, acting the Empress!