Furniture designed and made in Portugal.

Downtown Lisbon is having a renaissance, and SAL Concept Store is no exception to the rule. The space has housed BRANCO Sobre BRANCO'S  private clients showroom for several years, and while the company has been around for 15 years, run by the interior architects and designer duo, Paula Laranjo e Vera Moreira, the showroom was not open to the public. That changed two months ago when SAL was created in a partnership with BRANCO Sobre BRANCO and Sandra Nascimento, an ex-art director and mother of two. She's curated a wonderful eclectic collection to enhance the furniture designed by Paula and Vera, all designed and made in Portugal. A reason to be proud!!

A vintage leather clutch, and a carpet designed by Branco Sobre Branco,(love the B's in the pattern, gorgeous!)

Sandra's sharp eye has brought new life in the store, where you'll find the basics with a twist with loads of good taste and just what you need to spice up your home! Branco Sobre Branco's atelier is just adjacent to the store and any furniture can be ordered to the client's specification.

Shortly, the shop will stock ceramics, a new glass collection, beach towels and straw baskets and a limited collection of clothing for the summer. 

Jewelry from local craftsmen, furniture made to measure, wrapping paper from Hungary and lots of little treasures.


Leather handmade handbags by LOPO, marvellously made with no seams, unique and elegant.

Luxury soaps from Canvezes Thermal Waters, created in 1885, this collection is called "Muza", with scents that go from rose and orange, all the way to tobacco.


Unmissable, visit SAL at Rua de São Paulo, 98, Lisbon.