João showing his mettle!!

The national winner of the World Class Best Bartender in 2016, João Rodrigues, from the Columbus Bar, in Faro, created the Tanqueray N.º TEN Piebald Pink cocktail. This is a light, sophisticated drink, perfect to delight your friends at home. I took a class and this is how it turned out.

In the last image, that's my happy alcohol face!!

The finished cocktail.


A gin tonic is so popular right now, and since everyone has been there, and done that with all types of peppercorn and cucumber, how about this one with strawberry syrup? Delicious and easy, and impressively different. Otherwise it wouldn't have been invented by the the Number 1 bartender in the country?!?


- 5cl of Tanqueray N.º TEN
- 5cl of a rosé wine, (my suggestion: Covela Rosé 2015)
- 2cl of Monin strawberry syrup ( easy to get here)
How to :

Place all your ingredients in a mixer, add ice and shake. Pour through a sieve into a high glass or even a Martini type glass. Decorate with powdered sugar and a berry. Done!! How impressive is that?

Have a drink on me,