Model: Fiona  All Photography: Luis de Barros

Model: Fiona 

All Photography: Luis de Barros



Model: Telma Santos

Jewellery shoot inspired by the women that appear in 007 bond movies. 

Fur coats on Carcavelos beach, shot in June probably!

I wanted share some images with you that exemplify what was my job for many years. I was a stylist/editor, meaning I put things/people together: clothes, looks, photographer, model, make-up and hair and hopefully it turned out OK! Then I edited it all, chose only the perfect photographs or at least the ones that told my(our) story as well as possible. And it slowly became an editorial in a magazine that perhaps inspired somebody to wear or try something new, or perhaps just enjoy the images. At times it was hard work, the preparation, keeping the team in sync, the packing up and returning everything,  but always fun, a learning experience, engaging, diverse and most of all, creative. 

These images were all shot with Luis de Barros, one of my favourite photographers that I worked with, that I got to know when he was still an assistant. To me, these images have stood the test of time, are still trending today.

Be creative today,