Ripe plums.

Don't you always have more fruit than you can eat? It happens to me constantly, I buy what I think he family will consume but invariably they all eat one particular fruit, and the others not, or none at all. So I've devised a plan, I make jam of the said fruit, and lately it's been plums. 

Sugar and plums, overnight in the fridge.

So I've just taken out their pits, and placed them in a bowl with sugar so they'll macerate overnight. Cooking the mixture in a small saucepan is my next step, until they're pretty much soft and juicy. As foam occurs, remove with a slotted spoon, or add a little butter to stop too much foaming. Push it all through a sieve, and as I'm going to eat it all in the next week, it'll go directly into a jar. 

Don't let your fruit rot, turn it into your jam!

Ruby red colour.

  • put it on toast
  • over greek yoghurt with muesli for breakfast
  • serve with cheese
  • place over a baked pastry base, add mascarpone and plum slices, you've got a tart!
  • add as a " chutney" to accompany pork dishes, or duck, the possibilities are endless!

Have good day,