Travelling these days is an art form, not like the jet-set days. From the low cost offers, great on the wallet but not so fantastic in comfort, to the delays and cancellations, you've got to be prepared for anything, and travel light.

Comfort is  Rule # 1 but close, and rarely taken into account is Rule #2, Style. Soon I~ll do a post about how to pack and what to wear when travelling.

Look good, feel good is my motto, but without compromise.

The Louis Vuitton Lisbon City Guide has just been released. I've tried Berlin and Paris, and was not disappointed, it was fantastic. 

Another great gift, one I've tried myself, is the Louis Vuitton City Guide, the mobile version. It's so easy to use, just install the app on your phone and purchase the city you're going to visit. Then a click away, ( I promise this wasn't sponsored!!), besides the usual restaurants, hotel and nightlife,  you can access Walks around the city, 24 hours in the city, hour by hour, Good Things, that are lovely local surprises. Also, The Guest, is always somebody well known that gives their favourite haunts in that city. All these suggestions connect to each other so you'll never run out of stuff to do, see or eat, and even in a city that you think you know, they've discovered something new. 

Safe travels,