Don't miss THE CROWN on Netflix, just so incredible! After being hooked on House of Cards, watching all the dirt and rottenness in Washington D.C., and the subsequent result of the American elections, I voted to watch another series about power, although in a more elegant way. THe backstabbing gets done in beautiful palace corridors, whilst wearing dinner jackets and tiaras! Captivating historical series about Queen Elizabeth II. 

The wardrobe and setting are so true to life that you're transported to another era. 

Just discovered a fantastic shop online called THE CITIZENRY, founded by two friends that search all over the world, from Uganda to Peru, Argentina to Ireland, for the best materials and makers of very stylish homeware and decor. Locally sourced and made, these ethical and sustainable pieces would be perfect in any home. 

Beauty moment

Transition time for your skin, different temperatures, humidity or lack thereof, your diet is also changes during the winter season, so Prevention is Better than Cure!  Cleanse well, exfoliate and use a mask at least twice a week, you'll see the difference soon.

As a last read, here,  The Afterlife of a Ballerina, when you've time, this candid interview with a prima ballerina that gave it all up. 

See you tomorrow,