Rose Quartz, warm rose, and Serenity, depicting the sky,  are the two shades released by Pantone as the defining colours of 2016. These hues are an antidote to our daily stress, both give us reassurance and tranquility, give us wellness and peace. When I look at these images, they do just that, and they also flatter the skin tremendously! In spite of supposedly being opposite tints,  cool blue and a warm pink, male versus female, they surprinsingly go well together. Definatively a trend against gender typecasting, more of a blending together. My bedroom is a much paler pink, and it's relaxing, warm, inviting without being overbearing, and this colour goes really well with blues and greys and even greens...Bring a litle softness and tranquility into your life with these easy to integrate hues!

So if you're feeling a little blue, but sometimes a little pink, you're right on trend this year...

Have a great weekend!!