My beloved Adidas...

For quite a while now, sneakers have permeated our closets, and not just for exercise. They've become a fashion statement in their own right, saying out loud, " I'm a rebel/ non-conformist/ too busy running around to wear heels/ I'm feminine inside but a tomboy outside or simply, " I WANT TO BE COMFORTABLE !" Now I'm definatively not saying that there are no comfortable flat shoes out there, as well as heels, but in my wardrobe, tennis shoes, even skater ones, have become really relevant. It's a quick, no fail, non-commital and economical way to add fashion coolness to your style. To me, the epitome of iconic style is Phoebe Philo, the creative director of Céline, and the images below triggered a run to the nearest available sneaker store and relaxed chic was re-created. I say "re " because in the 70's, Lauren Hutton already paired her looks with Converse sneakers!

These images of Phoebe Philo are so chic and cool and practical...

The last two years, it's been all about the classic Stan Smith model by Adidas but it seems that they're about to be de-throned by the Nike Cortez. This old school model has been around for ages, I've already spoken about them here, and now it's the ultimate fashion updater!

 (By the way, I'm not sponsored by Nike in anyway, it's genuine love!!)

These street style shots confirm the sneaker as the chosen shoe, gone are ballerina flats...


Wear with everything, go anywhere!

Cortez classic colours...

Image from fashion gum

Image from fashion gum

Image from fashion gum

Ageless beauty and style...Lauren Hutton

Sorry it's not in Portuguese but it'll be soon,