You know I love desserts, love to eat them and make them, but this one I resisted for years! It's was, and still is, my brother's favourite feast and since my mom made it often for him, I guess out of sibling jealousy, ( ridiculous but go figure!), I was never interested in learning how to do make it. A couple of year's ago I decided it was time to learn the recipe, seeing as other members of my family make it too, and voilà, it's really light, airy and delicious.  

Here's what you need:

- 6 eggs

- 200g of chocolate, broken into pieces

- 6 tablespoons of sugar 

- 1 tablespoon of butter

- 1 coffee spoon of expresso coffee powder



p.s. This video was shot by my amazing 12 year old daughter, so please excuse any faults, it was our first endeavour.