Me in my kitchen, which I love to death! My hair is a mess, (I did it myself!) but my gorgeous dress is from Tom Ford, at Fashion Clinic. 

P.S.  I always look like this this when I'm cooking!! All white and not an apron in sight!

I cook everyday, sometimes once, sometimes twice a day. Recently I questioned myself why this love of cooking, as neither parents love to cook, (although my mother cooks amazingly well, and my father makes a mean omelette), but why do I enjoy it so much ? Is it because I love to eat? That too of course. It's not a recent thing, not related to all the food, restaurant, and cookery shows that abound on T.V. and social media, not to mention all the #food porn on instagram ( I'm a HUGE culprit). I liked to cook after school, and in my 20's...

It's probably because of my need to be creative, to transform the ordinary into something beautiful, and if in the process I can feed, nourish and nurture the people around me, so much the better for it. It is process of love for me, not just the sustaining of the body but hopefully a replenishment of the soul in the people I can "touch " with my food. Working in fashion is inspiring and stimulating, and styling fashion shoots is the transformation of every-day-pieces into fantasies, helped along by a brilliant team of make-up, hair, photographer and model, that all share the same vision.

But you don't see, hear or feel the end result, the reaction of those that finally page through your work, but you do in cooking. It's a visceral, natural reflex to like or dislike what we put in our bodies, and I often hear " Urgh Mom, this is disgusting!" or  "This is fantastic, can I have some more! " It pushes me to do more, to enlarge my boundaries, to experiment, all in the end to please others, (a huge fault in my personality), and myself too, as I get caught up in this act of love. Few see it this way, but the ones that matter, do, and make it all worthwhile.  

All in all, it is a science I'm trying to master step by step, (don't put the temperature higher, the cake won't cook faster, I used to tell my 13 year old self), an art that is never fully accomplished as the stakes get higher and higher, ( I set them myself) but it gives me great pleasure and is such a  stress reliever!

Try it out sometime...

Photographer :Carlos Ramos

Make-up: Cristina Gomes