The artist at work...

Meet Andrea Azarraluqui, a 42 year old Spaniard from Jerez de la Frontera, that paints the most beautiful porcelain. I discovered her on Instagram, @Azarraluqui, and fell in love with her whimsical, nature inspired pieces. You know I love to eat, but I love an appealing table too, (the setting always counts) and her pieces just make me imagine delicious combinations, that as one eats, one discovers the delightful drawings below. 

Andrea also loves to eat, but only in company, and when asked on whose table she’d like to see her hand painted plates, Caroline de Maigret or Ines de la Fressange were her choices.

As with most artists, even in this day and age, her father wanted her to study something more “serious”, (my father thought the same), so she majored in communications and did some art courses in between. Although on her mothers side of the family there are a few painters, and her father draws beautifully, the push to paint came from her ex-mother-in-law. Christian Domecq, her uncle, is an artist she admires greatly, as well painter Craig Hanna, whom Andrea met whilst living in New York.

 She first started painting on canvas but also paints murals once in a while. Her influences come mainly from nature, old prints, fabrics and photographs, though her preferred “subjects” to paint are really plants, animals and birds. I asked her if it’s hard to sell the pieces that she loves most, but her practical answer was an emphatic no, "I can do them again if I really want them!". The porcelain is painted with a special pigment for this surface, that one mixes with a diluting medium, paint the plate and once dry, it goes in an oven at 800 degrees celsius. 

You can contact Andrea on for hand painted, unique porcelain that will make you want to cook!