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Holidays are around the corner, and it's the time of the year where everyone jets off somewhere, by plane, train or boat,  but looking good while travelling is an art. Do make an effort, as the perks can be surprising, such as an upgrade or a better service all-round. I'm not a good aeroplane traveller, ( I HATE turbulence) so I feel that I need to have a decent appearance, as I'm going to demand extra attention if it's a bumpy flight. And let's face it, you do get better service with politeness firstly, but looking halfway good does help.

Most models are quite good at travelling and looking fabulous, but that's also down to DNA and age! My all-time favourite combo is an Equipment shirt, a pair of MiH jeans and my Stan Smith Adidas sneakers, and always a scarf.

  • So pack an extra moisturiser, as "canned' air can be drying
  •  a warm scarf to fend off cold draughts
  • the your own snacks in a zip-lock bag, such as nuts or dies fruit so as not to eat rubbish!
  • dress in layers, add a blazer to get there and back
  • and music to relax and de-stress. 

Rosie H-W.

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