How amazing that Mango has chosen my very cool friend Clément Froissart to feature in their new online magazine in collaboration with the lifestyle website Freunde von Freunden . Clément and I met in Paris, both of us working in the fashion business, although he has recently decamped to Hossegor, one of Europe's surf mecca. Paris was too crowded, too polluted, too everything for this nature lover, so being a surf maniac, amongst other things, Hossegor seemed the best option. Here he can surf (firstly), also work on his music (second passion), and quickly be in Paris for work when need be. 

I so admire people that change their lives, that chase their dreams in a healthy, balanced way and have a great career at the same time! No mean feat in today's mad world where most people are unhappy doing what they do for a living. We need to balance our "wants" and our needs, and they're rarely the same kudos to you Clément for taking the plunge, literally.

So take walk on the wild side, wherever your wild side takes you, even just for a day.