With her gap-tooth grin, Lauren Hutton converted her imperfections into assets and was the forerunner for models like Lara Stone. She was one of the most photographed models of her time, appearing on more than 30 Vogue covers, and was the first model to get a cosmetics contract. It was 1973, at 31, all her peers had quit, Twiggy, Jean Shrimpton and Verushka, and models were still paid by the hour. Hutton got the idea that maybe it was time to pitch herself to a brand such as Revlon, they bought the idea and she signed a $400,000 contract  for 20 day's work a year! The first megabucks supermodel was born!

 Her life has been one of adventures; riding motorbikes, driving bobsleds, safaris with Peter Beard, dramatic shoots with Helmut Newton, riding motorbikes with Dennis Hopper, and through out all this, her iconic fashion style over the decades stood out.

Lauren's fashion sense is timeless, and 40 years later, her look is classic American style. Her masculine accessories, large watch, safari jacket, sneakers, all embody a care-free time which is so in now, so different then. But when she went glam, she went all out, in a sexy but simple way as befitted dancing at Studio 54 .

Here's to maintaining your own style, no matter what the trends tell you, and to aging as gracefully as possible!