I'm bewitched by TITI, a gorgeous, whimsical, very feminine jewellery collection. Perfect for the simple girl that does not want in your face bling, but rather a now-you-see-it, now-you-don't kind of sparkly effect around your face, throat, wrists and fingers. With entrancing names like Queen Bee, The Duchess of Alba and Dragonflies, it will bring out the girly-girl in you.  All the pieces are silver, gilded with  gold and only natural stones are used. 

Colours inspire its creator, Titi Marçal Grilo, the pink of a book cover, a flower, the sky, the green and browns of the earth, the sea, in fact all the possible and unexpected combinations of hues in nature. Simplicity in all its beauty.

Stockists in Lisbon: NUDE, So Chic, 21 Concept Store, Maggie Emporio and in Porto: Ali Jo