Your wedding is probably the most important party you'll throw, the one you'll want to look your best, have amazing decor and yummy food, and dance till dawn! The marriage part comes later and that ain't no fairytale... But to plan your ball, you need to have help from a fairy godmother and who better than Jasmine Lazzari, the ultimate wedding planner. With her serene, calm manner, huge green/ hazel eyes, this professional will guide you to experience your dream wedding. I sat down with her to understand what drives her!

•   How did you get into wedding planning?

I worked for a luxury fashion PR agency, both in London and in Lisbon, so I had already years of experience under my belt and in particular with luxury brands and VIP events. I really wanted to branch out into new terrain, well at least new for Portugal, so I researched the destination wedding market and realised there was nothing on offer for discerning couples looking for a beautiful wedding. I had a total vision for my company, and the name and idea gradually came together, and in 2007 I launched The Wedding Company.

•   What is your favourite part of the job?

Meeting the couples ( first meeting) and designing a incredibly bespoke wedding for them. And the actual wedding day of course, though it always takes a day or two for the whole event to finally sink in. It's such a euphoric feeling. On the business side, I love developing new concepts that are viable and can be used as a tool. Meeting my peers in conferences has taught be a lot and I love that I’m part of a huge and growing industry.

•   What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned and would pass on to other new wedding planners?

There are so many lessons, and I’m still learning! For new wedding planners, be highly rigorous with all suppliers. They are a key element to any wedding, and ultimately are representing what you have envisioned for your client.  Establish a really close relationship with them, and make sure they do their best!

Lastly, every couple is different. Be prepared to really make that difference with each one. Never assume anything about a couple, based on the common thread of background, style or culture. Everyone is truly different and it takes time to get to know a client.

•   What are  your favoured current colour combinations ?

It really depends on the season and if there is colour. For all white weddings ( white linen), I like to mix it with blush and mixed metals for candle holders. For a lively palette, I would go for mint green linen, pale pink tones in the flowers. 

It’s difficult to say what’s my favourite as it depends on the location. I always have flowers at home, and I tend to lean towards classic whites and grey greens.

•   Are there any trends that you’d absolutely love to implement  or others  you would love brides to drop?

I would love to get away from the round tables. I know, it’s a classic, but the longer ones just look so stunning. And different. So longer tables, and more cocktails. No open bar in the cocktail hour please. I can’t say what I’d like brides to drop, as I could be offending some of them!             

•   What tips can you give couples who are in the midst of planning their wedding?

To really go with the flow and be open to new ideas ( i.e. changes along the way! ). Everything comes together on the day, so it’s really important to be within the moment and let your self go. Per hour, it will be the most expensive event you will ever pay for, so enjoy it! And smile.

•   Why should I hire a wedding planner?

For the reasons above. Well, actually having a planner ensures that someone with a sense of style and that precious contact book of the best suppliers in town, is about to make the wedding of the year! Plenty of work for you, and none for them! 

For most couples, it’s a defining moment in their lives. I rest my case! My favourite quote is: If you pay peanuts, you get Monkeys! 

•   Do you actually go a to a lot of weddings?    

 I go to all the weddings that I organise, and will be going to a wedding in Copacabana Palace in Rio. I went to an amazing destination wedding in Budapest, where I also did the reading in the church. It was great fun, and I was the last to leave the dance floor. Clearly, no shame!

 •   Where do you get your inspiration from ?

It's funny, because I actually thought about this the other day, as I made a connection to something that I had seen on one of my travels and the actual outcome was in front of me. It can also come from fashion, art, films and especially interiors. Without sounding pretentious, from everything that is beautiful and that I can absorb. Next week I’m going to view some incredible venues in Italy, and I know I’ll return full of different ideas.    

Photo: Catarina Zimbarra

Photo: Catarina Zimbarra

Photo: Josefina Andres

Photo: Josefina Andres