Tall, languid and sexy, in a quiet way, is how I'd describe Marcello Rangoni, the Brazilian that has lived for 25 years between Cascais and Lisbon and now Comporta. We meet constantly in the tiny village of Comporta in the Alentejo province, where he lives with his dog Piero in the summer season. Leaving the rat race behind, having worked for Armani and Pomellato, he runs a chic little store called A Loja do Museu do Arroz, an offshoot of the restaurant O Museu do Arroz (meaning The Rice Museum).
A few years ago, Isabelinha Carvalho, (the owner of Museu do Arroz) invited him to collaborate with her on the store project. At this point in time, he is researching new suppliers for this summer.  Open in the spring/summer months, here's where you'll find kaftans, embroidered straw baskets and all sorts of with-it vacation essentials. It's also filled with gorgeous Portuguese porcelain, very artisanal, that fits the whole Comporta bohemian-chic vibe. The furniture stocked are mostly vintage finds, from old street signs to off-beat chairs. His artistic eye captures the essence of the surroundings just right. Marcello is an artist at heart, and is preparing eight sculptures to show at the shop on the 18th of July. During the off season, he lives in Cascais in his 50's style decorated home, and takes long, beautiful walks on the beach with Piero. Ask him about living in Portugal and he'll tell you that his favourite thing are oranges from the Algarve! To have said "the light" would've been a cliché. After so many years here, watching Portugal grow into one of the IN countries to visit right now, the one thing he misses from Brazil is the warm sea breeze from Bahia! 

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