Filigrana, or Filigree in english, has been present in Portuguese jewelry making since pre - roman times. In Latin,  filum - string and grana - grain, means the art of combining tiny balls of gold, silver or bronze with strings of the same metal to form shapes. Often these shapes symbolize several themes in Portuguese tradition such as history, the ocean, nature, religion and love. These pieces are handmade only, traditionally in the north of the country, in Povoa de Lanhoso, more specifically in the town of Travassos, known as the Gold Town

It was here 90 years ago, that the Eleuterio brand, a family tradition  of three generations was born and carries on to this day. Handmade by artisans with decades of experience, it is dedicated to renewing this ancient art by melding the classics of the past with a new and fresh outlook. My favourite pieces, in yellow and white gold, are these gorgeous earrings and pendant, a glimpse into a vast collection.