Running!!! Getting out there in the rain and wind and running to save my life!

It's been a time of excess, of wonderful times with friends and family, but I feel sluggish and with less energy than usual. Bloated and a little guilty for having eaten half a chocolate ganache cake on my own in 2 days! But the new year is a time for re(new)al so get out your gear and go do some exercise!

It's been dry as bone in Lisbon for the last few months, but these last days, it's been raining on and off and the next week is all about rain, but don't let that dampen your spirits, get out of bed and DO IT! You feel better later and the effects last longer than a day. 

Tomorrow I'm detoxing, trying out a 1 day detox from DO!DETOX Original, dying to get rid of toxins that I've been pumping into my body this last week!

Follow my day diary as I Do!Detox Original tomorrow...